Why fly with PH-Wit aviation?

We show you 4 main reasons why you should fly with PH-Wit aviation.

Short Runways

WIT aviation can utilise runways as short as 2,600 feet (792 m) at its maximum weight. Fly closer to your ultimate destination and save overal travel time.

Unpaved Surfaces

Able to operate from runways made of dirt, gravel and grass, WIT aviation can take you places you’ve never been in a business aircraft. Go ahead and explore!

Cabin Space

With 330 ft3 (9.34 m3) of cabin volume, you will enjoy more space than business jets costing twice as much. A flat-floor gives you more comfort and gives you the ability to easily load just about any cargo you can fit.

Cargo Door

No other business aircraft features a standard cargo door in addition to a main passenger entry door. Designed to allow a fork-lift to load a standard pallet directly into the cabin, it can surely fit your luggage, your motorcycle and your surf board.